The Nutrition of Saskatoon Berries

100 gram serving85 calories
1.3 gramsProtein
18.5 gramsCarbohydrates
88 mgCalcium
93 gramsFiber
3.55 mgVitamin C
0.96 mgIron
162 mgPotassium
35.68 IUVitamin A

It should be noted that Saskatoon berries provide 11 percent of the daily recommended intake of calcium, which is quite an achievement for a berry! It is believed that Native Americans used the Saskatoon berries for medicinal purposes. Today, Saskatoon berries are highly praised for their antioxidant content, specifically phenolics, flavonols and anthocyanins. Flavonoids are antioxidants that may have inflammatory, anti-diabetic and chemo-protective effects.

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